DevOps Studio

DevOps Studio platform is a software developed by MPIT to address and streamline the development challenges. Development and information technology OPerationS (DevOps) is a term used to refer to a set of practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of both software developers and information technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims at establishing a culture and environment where development of secure software code, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

Integrate to the Infrastructure via MRADAR API, to securely deploy the code.

DevSecOps: Through Security as Code, we have and will learn that there is simply a better way for security practitioners, like us, to operate and contribute value with less friction. We know we must adapt our ways quickly and foster innovation to ensure data security and privacy issues are not left behind because we were too slow to change.

By developing security as code, we will strive to create awesome products and services, provide insights directly to developers, and generally favor iteration over trying to always come up with the best answer before a deployment. We will operate like developers to make security and compliance available to be consumed as services. We will unlock and unblock new paths to help others see their ideas become a reality.

We will learn the loopholes, look for weaknesses, and we will work with you to provide remediation actions instead of long lists of problems for you to solve on your own.

DevOps Studio is aimed at enabling development managers to deliver software on time, there by delivery the software in time.


DevOps Studio enables our customers to have a secure cloud based development environments, cloud transformation, Security & Governance and Security & Cloud operations. Using our DevOps studio Cloud transformation will help our customer to move from traditional development platform to agile development model, where the platform can be built in the cloud in short time. This reduces the time by 60% to 65% and also cost saving in their IT spends for the build environment.

  • DevOps Studio is a Secure development platform, that customers can avail to build their software and implement on to their on-premise or onto the cloud infrastructures.
  • DevOps Studio is an MPIT inhouse product by integrating various opensource components and proprietary components. This that will help our customers to have team to have a comprehensive view for software development pipelines based on the updates from JIRA.
  • Development Governance to detect violations, so that Development manager can follow through the violations to minimize the risk
  • Development Governance is key to keep the code developed is safe and secure following the best practice and standards.
  • Development operations to manage the users using our Account Management portal
  • Billing for our customers to be aware of the costs and projected spends for next months.
  • Development Operations & Security operations as part of managed services for our customer in any cloud.

Technical features:

  • Customer :
    Will authenticate and login to the work station on the cloud, and start development from there on.
  • Customer Account manager : Point person for the relationship with MPIT, and also identifying the Development managers.
  • Development manager :Responsible to decide on the pipeline components and identifying the developers and assign them to the appropriate development pipeline.
  • Developer : Responsible for developing the software based on the requirements.
  • Development Operations : Customer tools that gets integrated into the pipeline
  • Security Operation & Governance : Integrate the Pipeline with Security tools for Static code analysis and grading, and gate requirements to forward the code to the next stage.
  • Build Tools & API : API for interfacing with MRADAR to integrate with cloud providers.
  • Billing : To provide a budget and actual spends to customers.